Welcome to Supporting Student Learning with iPads

Jaclyn Calder, http://teachercalder.ca, @jaccalder, jcalder@scdsb.on.ca

Strengths and Weaknesses of iPads in the Classroom
NOTE: Today We are discussing uses of iPad where it is in the STUDENTS HANDBut... there is some information here about uses as a TEACHING DEVICE.

  1. Managing apps
  2. Settings
  3. File Management
  4. Charging

Possible Activities
1. Explaining their thinking using multimedia

2. Blogging or Collaborative Writing

3. Creating and Editing Video

4. Creating and Editing Audio

5. Creating, Editing and Annotating Images

6. Creating Animations and Stop Motion

7. Diagnostics, Exit Tickets, Polling, Online Chats

8. Social Media

9. Online Classrooms, Learning Management Systems (LMS)

10. Assistive

Targeted Apps

Relevant OTF Connect Sessions

Archived (recorded previously) including blogging, voicethread, Adobe Youth Voices, iEARN, creative commons, digital storytelling, flipped classroom, connecting students globally, web 2.0 for student inquiry