Go to bottom and click on ACCESSIBILITY

Some of the settings to play with:
- text size
- Speak Selection and then Highlight Words (my students with reading difficulties LOVE this, it reads any text to them and highlights the words as it goes)
- AssistiveTouch - puts a dot on the screen to click that takes you to home screen and fave apps quickly. For some reason my Grade 9's activate this ALL THE TIME. They get angry with me for turning it off. I guess it's part of their "work flow"?

- Speech to text isn't a setting, but on any newer iPad, whenever the keyboard is activated, there is a microphone icon. Press it to activate speech-to-text. So, you can use this where ever you can type.

For older iPads, use Dragon Dicate, a free app.

NOTE: Put commonly used websites as an "app" right on homepage. When in Safari on website hit box with arrow and "put on homescreen".