Student Examples

Tellagami app - lets you choose your own background image (or doodle one), change your character and then record your voice. This is a quick demo:

Bohr-Rutherford Diagram (using Explain Everything App). For this activity, grade 9's chose a Livescribe Pen or Explain Everything App to show me their thinking. This allowed me to targe specific groups the next day for a quick review as needed.

Ionic Compounds Tutorial (recorded using Pad camera). I can tell this student truly gets the concept mostly because of the examples she chose to use in her tutorial. She understands the "big picture" and how multivalent elements, polyatomic ions and naming/charges all work into the concept.

Amna Ionic Compunds Tutorial from Jac Calder on Vimeo.

Atom Structure (using voicethread app on iPads). Based on this voicethread, I was able to target a few groups the next day for a quick skills review.

Mrs. Swifts class Voicethread