Settings and Restrictions when used as SHARED devices (please note that using iPads as shared devices greatly reduces the personalization of the device)

Go to Settings and General

2013-04-07 00.15.55.png

Go to Restrictions and Enable Restrictions. Choose 4-digit code.

2013-04-07 00.16.05.png

I suggest the following restrictions:
- facetime and messages off (especially if you have more than one device hooked up to the same apple account because they automatically go onto all iPads, no privacy)
- iTunes, installing app, deleting apps off (this means that the App Store does not even show up until you turn off the restrictions)
- explicit language off
- in-app purchases off
- password required immediately
- twitter and facebook off (or things can be posted ot whatever account someone left logged in by accident)
- accounts - do not allow changes (or they can enter in their own apple ID to use parts you have turned off or download apps)
- multiplayer apps and adding friends off so they don't login using their own apple ID (and leave it logged in)

Also, go to "Mail Contacts Calendars" and make sure only the parts of your iCloud account you want is activated, or turn it off.

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NOTE: Put commonly used websites as an "app" right on homepage. When in Safari on website hit box with arrow and "put on homescreen".