• easy to create video
  • easy to record and edit audio
  • more collaborative in group work (no screen in your face)
  • can annotate and draw on screen
  • newer versions have great speech to text and text to speech features
  • quick to turn on/off
  • easy to project
  • can be used on-site (portable) for labs, field trips, etc.
  • often students have their own iPod touches and can put similar apps on them to continue the learning at home


  • sharing can be a nightmare (setting up accounts, signing out of accounts)
  • some school networks block the "ports" on the network so that email doesn't work
  • getting files on and off can be time consuming or frustration
  • no flash, so many interactive sites don't work (ex. gizmos, Ministry labs on D2L)
  • it might make things TOO easy?