Sample Uses of iPads as a Teaching Device

I personally believe that school purchased iPads should be in students hands, not in my hand. That being said, I have purchased my own iPad for the sole purpose of making my life as a teacher easier. Oh, and I read with it too :) . Here are some examples of how the iPad makes my life easier. I'd struggle to teach without it now.

  • as a document camera: I put the iPad up on a retort stand (science equipment) while plugged into projector. I open up Explain Everything and can take a picture of paper, lab demos, student work and annotate it and save. Sometimes, if I just need to show something, I simply use the camera app.
  • to create student portfolios. I use Evernote and have a folder for each student. We can put pictures, tutorials, notes, etc. into student folders.
  • for descriptive feedback (video). Again, in Explain Everything I take a picture of a students writing and then I record my voice explaining to a student what I liked, their next steps while I am annotating their work.
  • create video tutorials to post in our online classroom. I take skills we do in class and make video tutorials using Explain Everything and post them on our online classroom.
  • for descriptive feedback (audio). In evernote I simple record an audio file of their feedback instead of writing it. It is then available in their folder.
  • for descriptive feedback in D2L. D2L has an app called Assignment Grader. I can take a PDF file that students submit and annotate it. I can also post audio files as feedback.
  • to document activities in class (video, audio, etc.)
  • to download videos and share with class using projector (so my computer isn't tied up)